Thank you, mom!

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I just spent 15 minutes at work, thinking about words defining other words. You open the dictionary to find the definition of one word but to understand it you must know other words.

That means that when we were babies and we learned to identify and babble the word “mom”, we learned how to understand the rest of the words.

What I’m trying to say is that “mom” is our gateway to understanding the universe.

Call 911.


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California poppy
California poppy
California poppy

Last year I sowed a bunch of seeds from native plants not knowing what to expect (sometimes growing plants from seed doesn’t work out, I don’t know if it’s me or my garden or the weather or…). But this weekend I got my first flowers to open up and they’re California poppies aka the Super Bloom superstars.

Very proud of these little ones.

And yes, that is me in that photo.

A video about this last year

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I had been planning on making a video since last May but I had forgotten to edit it so finally, last month (yes, an entire year later) I decided to actually listen to myself and do it.

I haven’t been making videos as consistently as I used to so it was interesting to see that I needed a bit of practice (please, don’t judge me so severely).

Hope you enjoy it. It’s just a bunch of clips from weddings, vacations, parties, trips, regular days and people I love.

Promise I will be making more soon! Even if you hate them, I don’t care, give me some constructive criticism, I can handle it (just don’t do it so harshly, please, I am baby).

Is it writer’s block?

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Or am I just cyber shy?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer but every single time I plan on writing something my brain just goes full-on error.exe. I swear I have the greatest idea and once it’s typed out I convince myself that it sucks and that I shouldn’t publish it. So embarrassing showing my inner monologue like this. Don’t want to disappoint my parents. I will never be a great author. The elementary-school-bully-who-said-I-was-irrelevant will probably read this and make fun of me AGAIN.

But then I remember I don’t really give a fuck. And probably no one else does (or if they do, it’ll be temporary I hope).

I do need to write more and also find better ways to express. Just express.

And yes, sometimes I think my ex-bullies take the time to check up on me and it scares the adult out of me.

Vancouver Photo Dump

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Some photos I took during my trip to Vancouver, BC.

I lived in Vancouver a few years ago, and even though it is nowhere near how cool my hometown is, I adore Van city. It’s such a beautiful, green, clean city. The people are friendly, the food is fucking good, the weather not so much but I’m not complaining.

Wish I could go back just to photograph every season. Again.

I have hundreds of more pics but this will do for now I think.