Is it writer’s block?

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Or am I just cyber shy?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer but every single time I plan on writing something my brain just goes full-on error.exe. I swear I have the greatest idea and once it’s typed out I convince myself that it sucks and that I shouldn’t publish it. So embarrassing showing my inner monologue like this. Don’t want to disappoint my parents. I will never be a great author. The elementary-school-bully-who-said-I-was-irrelevant will probably read this and make fun of me AGAIN.

But then I remember I don’t really give a fuck. And probably no one else does (or if they do, it’ll be temporary I hope).

I do need to write more and also find better ways to express. Just express.

And yes, sometimes I think my ex-bullies take the time to check up on me and it scares the adult out of me.

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