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Is it writer’s block?

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Or am I just cyber shy? I’ve always wanted to be a writer but every single time I plan on writing something my brain just goes full-on error.exe. I swear I have the greatest idea and once it’s typed out I convince myself that it sucks and that I shouldn’t publish it. So embarrassing showing my inner monologue like this. Don’t want to disappoint my parents. I will never be a great author. The elementary-school-bully-who-said-I-was-irrelevant […]

First first

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It’s June 2019, almost July. Made it halfway through the year and felt it appropriate to begin sharing my pedestrian life through images and words. I’m not really good at talking about myself so hopefully my content will do it better than I can. If you’d like to know me better you can always just text me and I’ll tell you all you need to know and more. Expect many photographs, stories, ideas, plants, and […]